• Influence Maximization: Near-Optimal Time Complexity Meets Practical Efficiency
  • Tripartite Graph Clustering for Dynamic Sentiment Analysis on Social Media
  • Querying K-Truss Community in Large and Dynamic Graphs
  • Reachability Queries on Dynamic Graphs: A Hierarchical Labeling Approach
  • Local Search of Communities in Large Graphs
  • Scalable Similarity Search for SimRank
  • Efficient Cohesive Subgraphs Detection in Parallel
  • Parallel Subgraph Listing in a Large-Scale Graph
  • OPT: A New Framework for Overlapped and Parallel Triangulation in Large-scale Graphs
  • Fast and Unified Local Search for Random Walk Based K-Nearest-Neighbor Query in Large Graphs


  • Scalable Big Graph Processing in MapReduce
  • In Search of Influential Event Organizers in Online Event-based Social Networks
  • Efficient Location-Aware Influence Maximization
  • Efficient Algorithms for Optimal Location Queries in Road Networks
  • Navigating the Maze of Graph Analytics Frameworks using Massive Graph Datasets
  • Localizing Anomalous Changes in Time-evolving Graphs
  • Mining Statistically Significant Connected Subgraphs in Vertex Labeled Graphs
  • Querying Big Graphs within Bounded Resources
  • Answering Top-k Representative Queries on Graph Databases


  • A Comprehensive Study of Main-Memory Partitioning and its Application to Large-Scale Comparison and Radix-Sort


  • AutoPlait: Automatic Mining of Co-evolving Time Sequences
  • Resource-Oriented Approximation for Frequent Itemset Mining from Bursty Data Streams